Will city’s land purchase of 6719 acres fix current roads? Part 10

Are you interested in efficient meal prep while on your way home to cook dinner?  Think shake ‘n bake!

Here’s a great recipe:  https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/24005/homemade-shake-and-bake-mixture/

For the shaking part, drive Brantford, Ontario’s Veterans Memorial Parkway on the way home; you’re sure to have the meat well shook courtesy of this shaky road:

Veterans Memorial Parkway, Brantford, Ontario © CityofInsight.com

Veterans Memorial Parkway, Brantford, Ontario © CityofInsight.com

Veterans Memorial Parkway, Brantford, Ontario © CityofInsight.com


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Good neighbour?

You doubt mind when your dog(s) bark, yap, yelp or yip ever time your neighbour so much as opens their door or window.


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Farting around with switching red & white health cards

When we started writing this post Ontario’s debt weighed in at:



$23, 967.00

per Ontarian.

With this in mind, what makes more sense:

1) Ontario taxpayers’ dollars spent on farting around with switching red and white health cards, or

2) allow the attrition of these cards held by older people and people with disabilities?

The increase to Ontario’s debt of option 2:


In the time it took to write this post Ontario’s debt increased by:



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Should you find in an advanced society…

The compulsion to speak faster.

The compulsion to do everything faster.

The compulsion to be constantly inches away from a phone.

The compulsion to…

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Nice colour.

It inspires calmness and growth.

It’s important to eat your greens.

Not so nice when “green” is tied to a political party.

The NDP appeasement of the three Greens elected to BC’s legislature lead to, as Ms. Holly Nicholas of Rebel.com put it, “knee capping the oil and gas industry and blocking the TransMountain pipeline.”

Wakie-wakie, PEI.

Are you aware of the damage that blocking the TransMountain pipeline did to Canada and its economic future?


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Colonoscopy: best real time home movie

Do you like home movies?  Then you can’t get much better than a colonoscopy  Why would you want to be asleep?  Of course the whine-about-everything-the-Ford-government-does crowd will continue to shriek about the proposed delisting of sedation.

The reality is that for a standard colonoscopy with no serious pre-existing conditions, you will experience some mild cramping from gas buildup as the endoscope passes through the colon.  That’s it.

The real reason people are afraid is because they don’t want to be awake when put into a compromising and humbling position.

No worries!  The physician and ASSistants have seen it all before.

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Hypocrisy & mendacity of government

How much time and other resources (i.e., taxpayers dollars) were spent on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (launched in 2008; final report released in 2015)?

Truth and Reconciliation has been trumpeted by all levels of government for eleven years.  “Look over here.  Yeah, over here!  Aren’t we doing a fabulous job on the First Nations thing?”

For over forty years (as reported by The Toronto Star), the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation, Kenora Ontario, have suffered from a water supply poisoned with mercury.

If Truth and Reconciliation Commission wasn’t enough motivation for concrete action to give the people of Grassy Narrows clean water to drink, what is?

Imagine if just a portion of the time and other resources cited above were focused on clean drinking water at Grassy Narrows.

Perhaps the protestors who raised the issue while the PM was speaking at a recent Liberal Party fund raiser will spark some interest.


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Health care?

In North America, we do not have health care systems; we have illness care systems, which provide conduits for pharmaceutical companies.

You shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, if you hear a physician say:  “the drugs won’t prevent cancer.”


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Flash: PM to expand apology tour

Yes, coming to a town hall near you, the Right Honourable JT will confess the falsehoods about “climate change” and the carbon tax scheme.  Insiders say he has had an about-face and hopes for absolution and penance (particularly timely during Lent) for leading his flock astray.

That other JT with perfect hair will provide musical interludes (during the pregnant pauses) to augment the soothing words of contrition.

Could we get an AMEN?

Happy April Fools Day + one!


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WANTED: Canadian Trade Negotiator, part 2*

The successful candidate will know that:

  1. tariffs are part of fair trade talks
  2. the telco sector is on the table
  3. the airline sector is on the table
  4. preparation for new fair trade talks is key
  5. ______________________
  6. ______________________
  7. ______________________

Do you care?  Have your say in The Great Canadian Trade Negotiator Challenge.  What else should the successful candidate know?

*Position still open due to poorly negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada (USMC) Agreement.


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