WANTED: Canadian Trade Negotiator, part 2*

The successful candidate will know that:

  1. tariffs are part of fair trade talks
  2. the telco sector is on the table
  3. the airline sector is on the table
  4. preparation for new fair trade talks is key
  5. ______________________
  6. ______________________
  7. ______________________

Do you care?  Have your say in The Great Canadian Trade Negotiator Challenge.  What else should the successful candidate know?

*Position still open due to poorly negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada (USMC) Agreement.


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Bravo to Ontario’s new PC government for starting to cure Ontario from agencyitis.  Fewer healthcare related agencies is a good first step.  We say this with one caveat:  a “super agency” already exists to manage the various segments of healthcare, it’s called—The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

With the legions of bureaucrats at The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care across Ontario, surely (a) competent project team(s) could be put together to streamline healthcare services in Ontario.


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Leftist hysterics

Why no hysterics in the visitors’ gallery and the halls of Queen’s Park prior to June 7, 2018 about the autism issue?

Little was done by the Ontario Liberal government to address the ballooning autism wait list.

Now, when the eight-month-old PC government, dually elected to clean up Ontario’s fiscal mess, makes a change to deal with this disgraceful wait list the hysterics abound.  Apparently, Ontario’s leftist cadre has hijacked this issue, enabled by the suddenly oh-so-concerned dramatists in the newstainment media, to whip up a frenzy (no doubt what Mr. Hillier’s comments were directed at).

For those not part of the leftist cadre:

Is an autistic child entitled to anything from a government, i.e., a taxpayer?

Is the change perfect?

Is it a start?

Let’s all breathe and recognize how fortunate we are to live in a jurisdiction where government, i.e., taxpayers, support some our most vulnerable citizens—people with a developmental disability.  Then, recognize the need for rational requests and patience while the new Ontario PC government tries to make things better.

Mr. Brian Lilley (a parent of two children on the autism spectrum) puts it well:  “How anyone can defend a system that put all the funding into the hands of a small group of families and made the rest wait, that favoured some treatments over others and forced parents to take treatments they didn’t like or forego funding is beyond me.”

LILLEY: Former Liberal autism-funding program untenable


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Financial institution games

Scenario #1.  Have you paid a balance on a credit card or line of credit (that’s not provided by your financial institution) at your bank’s ATM, or with your electronic device on the due date and been dinged for interest?

Scenario #2.  Have you paid a balance on a credit card or line of credit at the institution that provides those products (again, not your main bank) in person by cheque, on the due date and not been dinged for interest?

Given the speed of electronic transactions, the first scenario is quicker than the second yet you’re charged interest for the faster way.

The games financial institutions play to charge you more and most of us do and say nothing.


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Entitlement writ large

Entitlement is on full display in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Entitlement of a company.

Entitlement of a prime minister’s office.

LILLEY: Time to call in cops to probe SNC-Lavalin affair


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Tax Hike Habit

Government can break the tax hike habit by stopping:

  • Bureaucratic bloat
  • Corporate welfare
  • Duplication within government and between governments
  • Encroachment; trying to be all things to all people
  • Entitlement
  • Make work projects
  • Propagating victimhood
  • Social engineering
  • Trying to control science

The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow:  a citizens’ government that understands and fulfills its basic responsibilities.


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As the bureaucracy turns

What did the Global Affairs Canada bureaucrat say to the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada bureaucrat about China’s treatment of Canadians after the arrest of the Huawei executive?

“Gall-lee, like, maybe we shouldn’t have sold Nexen (part of Canada’s family farm) to CNOOC!”


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Climate truth

The late Dr. Reid Bryson, father of modern climatology said,

  • “the mean surface temperature of the earth during the Cretaceous period was FOUR DEGREES HIGHER THAN IT IS NOW.
  • He confirmed that even TODAY (that’s TODAY), the ice in Greenland covers old VIKING farms.

Regarding the hysterical claims that the glaciers in the alps are retreating he said, it has all happened before.  (Did you catch that?)

  • “The glaciers in the alps have RETREATED BEFORE.
  • What did they find when the ice sheets in the alps receded?
  • A silver mine.
  • The workers had stacked up their tools ready for their return in the spring to mine more silver, but they never returned because the snow and ice came and didn’t leave.
  • There use to be LESS ice than today!
  • It’s just now getting back to normal.”

Isn’t the truth refreshing?  Want more?  Read Dr. Michael Savage’s:


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No replacement needed for LHINs et al

Nothing needs to replace LHINs, CCAC, Hospital Navigator or whatever other iteration exists of this wasteful layer of government bureaucracy.

A family physician, gerontologist or an assessment centre (e.g., Centre for Healthy Aging, St. Peter’s Hospital, Hamilton, ON) are quite capable, as they’ve always been, of helping a person access specialized care, e.g., helping an elder person receive appropriate in-home care.


This is another example of outrageous duplication that government loves because it’s self-aggrandizing.  Congratulations to Ontario’s new government for putting an end to this waste of taxpayers’ dollars.


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“The most dangerous premier?”

Correction Mr. Warren (Smokey) Thomas:  The “most dangerous” person in Ontario and “the biggest problem facing Ontario” is the public sector union member whose militant attitude dictates that no demand is too extreme or a betrayal of the public trust.



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