A City is NOT in the Business of Owning Derelict, Abandoned Industrial Sites

The City of Brantford has approximately a $2 million deficit and a $40 million debt.  Before one more penny of taxpayers’ dollars is spent on the Mohawk-Greenwich and Sydenham-Pearl abandoned industrial sites, taxpayers need answers to the following questions:

1) How many and what private companies were approached by City of Brantford staff about the potential of Mohawk-Greenwich and Sydenham-Pearl properties?

2) How many and what private companies expressed interest in these properties to the city?  One comes to mind, Terrasan.

3) How many and what appropriate realtors were contacted by the city for their expertise on how to sell these properties?

4) Were there ever “For Sale” signs on these properties?

Again, a city is not in the business of owning derelict, abandoned industrial sites unless there is a specific, affordable and confirmed plan to use the land for infrastructure.  Even in such a case, if the land is contaminated the clean up is the responsibility of those who caused the contamination, NOT taxpayers.

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