Alas, taxpayers

Government loves to spend
the people’s money for its own end.
In Brantford, Ontario the budget hand-wringing goes on
while $15M goes to buy and fix
the Federal Building, which is plan wrong.

But wait, there’s more
another Athletic Complex,
they say, is must in the west.
But we say, first the Bike Park, Laurier-Y, WGSC, etc.
must be done and paid
and better use of all the rest.

We know why a Bike Park is wanted;
the roads are so rough
riding your bike leaves you daunted.

But, Brantford will be a fit bunch
even though the boundary adjustment
approval is out to lunch!
It will leave us dodging even more cracks
and stopping at more ALL WAYs, we have a hunch.

Alas, us taxpayers may rest easy soon enough,
if the happy spenders have their way,
by the seemingly pristine Mohawk Lake and water way.

$2M from the feds to start
without knowing the total cost
is not too smart.

Hey!  Why are the feds doling
when Ontarians already pay Conservation
Ontario to do the preserving.

Since our taxes, by then, will be more extreme,
let’s plan to brown bag it there, affordably,
to calm our witness to the obscene.


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