Arterial takes precedence over collector, part 1

It’s good when a municipality maintains and upgrades infrastructure—one of its primary responsibilities.  Part of this process is the challenge of putting together a list of priorities.

When dealing with road infrastructure a municipality must adhere to the hierarchy of roads:

  1. freeway or highway
  2. arterial
  3. collector
  4. local road
Shellard Lane, Brantford, Ontario

Shellard Lane, Brantford, Ontario

The maintenance and upgrades of arterial roads takes precedence over collector roads.  Brantford, Ontario plans to widen Shellards Lane, a collector road.  Shellards Lane has a few cracks, but it is overall in satisfactory condition.  In contrast Colborne St. and Dalhousie St., arterial roads, have many sections that are in poor condition and, therefore, should be the priority.

A municipality doesn’t need to pit one neighbourhood against another.  It can avoid this by a consistent and balanced approach to putting together the infrastructure priority list, which should serve the municipality as a whole.

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