Big Daddy’s response to Brantford-Brant boundary adjustment approval: hypocrisy & mendacity

Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof comes to mind when you ponder the ability of the Ontario Liberal government to make decisions.  With apologies to the late Mr. Williams, they are the hot tin roof and citizens are the cat;  the roof has become to hot to bear and it appears we have nothing left to do but jump off.

What has turned up the heat for Brantford, Ontario citizens is the recent approval of the Brantford-Brant Boundary Adjustment Proposal.  The minister says he reviewed the proposal “to ensure standards, regulations and laws would be followed and a positive outcome would be achieved.”  What standards?  Positive outcome for whom?  In numerous posts, we have highlighted why this proposal is a non-starter on these and other fronts.

Yes Ontario, like too many other decisions, this one is marred by hypocrisy and mendacity.

If you are still in doubt about this proposal, watch the videos linked below courtesy of ArcPro HD Inc.  First, is the joint meeting of the two councils.  Pay attention to the volume of vague, buzzword ladened verbiage that is used to intimidate and make it appear decision makers know what they are doing.  Finally, back by popular demand, former city councillor Mr. John Starkey imparts some sanity on what just transpired.


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