Brantford-Brant boundary babble, part 5

Who runs your city or county?

A politician.

A civil servant.

A special interest group.

A sector.

A developer.


Judging from the cold response to the latest Brantford-Brant boundary adjustment proposal—its not YOU, a citizen of Brantford-Brant.

Here are some examples of what frustrated citizens are saying:

Closed-door negotiations of this type have no place in democratic society.”1

“…Tutela Heights was sold down the river at the 11th hour with absolutely no hint of these actions to the citizens.”2

“I am deeply angered by your letter to Mr. McMeekin announcing the ‘tremendous positive reaction’ to the MOU between Brant County and The City of Brantford.  It appears that you presume the MOU represents the final agreement.  It is even more egregious that your letter was written before citizens had the opportunity for public consultations.”3

(The above excerpts from letters to the editor can be found in the printed editions of the respective paper, but not in the Opinion section of the paper’s website.  Is this a attempt to make intelligent rebuttal less accessible and dampen debate?)


It is astounding that a municipal council would negotiate terms (even in general) of an agreement to buy or sell land without first consulting with citizens who own the land in question (or lay claim to it in the case of the First Nations.)

Equally astounding is an MPP (who represents all constituents, not just a chosen few) writing a letter to an Ontario cabinet minister claiming that a proposal was greeted with open arms by an adoring public when it was not.

Why do some politicians stick their heads in the sand so they don’t have to hear intelligent rebuttal to a proposal?

Why do some politicians, who may have the legal authority to make decisions that affect citizens, forget that they have a moral responsibility—because of our democratic society—to YOU the citizen who has the final say?



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