Brantford Brant Boundary Talks: A Lesson in City Management

Cities can learn much from the Brantford, Ontario and Brant County boundary talks.

It’s good for a municipality to aspire to be a great place to serve, give, learn, play, buy, sell and live.  To accomplish great goals a city must first be solid, where its public and private sectors work in tandem (always doing what is best for taxpayers and the overall layout of the city).

A solid city manages its current size well.  It has, to name a few characteristics, up-to-date:

  • roads
  • bridges
  • water distribution
  • wastewater management
  • stormwater management

A solid city has few industrial, commercial, institutional and residential vacancies.

A solid city has no debt.

The “bigger is better” mantra has dominated North American urban planning for decades.  The byproduct is urban sprawl and congestion.

It’s better to be a solid midsize city that manages its size well than an unstable large one.  Those involved in the Brantford Brant boundary talks should remember that some people choose a midsize city, such as Brantford, because of its size.

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