Brantford, Ontario is Fortunate to Have a NEW Downtown YMCA!

We Canadians are fortunate to benefit from public services that are the envy of other parts of the world.  When we consider the unacceptable level of deficit and debt of our federal government and many provincial and municipal governments, which we as taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for, we should appreciate the current level of public services.

For example, Brantford, Ontario is fortunate to have a downtown Brantford Family YMCA143 Wellington St. that serves ALL citizens!  How many municipalities don’t have a YMCA?  Let’s remember that taxpayers’ dollars were spent to move Brantford’s YMCA to its NEW location at Wellington and Clarence Streets.

Sadly, instead of appreciating the NEW facility that they are fortunate to have access to, Laurier Brantford in partnership with the YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford want to build another new facility (Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex) on Colborne St.  This proposed facility would add to the public debt pile.  Therefore, such spending flies in the face of the responsibility our governments have to live within their means.

There are other important facts that these institutions may not be aware of:

1)  In a July 13, 2011 Brantford Expositor poll, 57% of respondents voted NO to a new Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex.

2)  In a May 18, 2012 Brantford Expositor poll, 65% voted NO to federal government dollars for the proposed Laurier-Y complex.

We all have a list of wants, public institutions included.  Unfortunately, as the wisdom reflected in these polls reveals, responsible money management tells us that affordable NEEDS are the priority—not unaffordable WANTS.

High debt means it’s time for us all (public institutions included) to appreciate what we have…Brantford, Ontario is Fortunate to Have a NEW Downtown YMCA!

instead of wanting more!

For questions that reveal more possibly unknown facts about the proposed Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex click here.


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