Brantford or BrantFOURd

If there was an award for the city with the most four-way stops, or all-way stops, Brantford, Ontario would surely be in the top ten.  The latest shiny new stop signs have been installed on Wellington St. at George St. and on Darling St. at George St.  Plus, if you enjoy shifting your standard vehicle you must also take in Garden Ave.:  at Brennan St.,Brantford or BrantFOURd at Pace Ave. and at Elgin St.  That’s THREE in a row!

What is driving (couldn’t resist) this?  Traffic control.  Speed control.  Pedestrian safety.  Political pressure.  A well conceived traffic engineering plan that accounts for the traffic flow of the entire city.

Some contend that all-ways are well suited to intersections in elementary schools zones.  However, the intersection of Stanley St. and Grey St. near Holy Cross School has been a two-way stop for decades.  Now, its a four-way, which brings the total on Stanley St. to — wait for it– three.

According to the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Journal,  studies have shown that all-way stopsBrantford or BrantFOURd don’t control speeds and increase safety.  It states that drivers can become frustrated about the added delays and fuel consumption, which may lead them to disobey traffic control devices.  So much for eliminating unwanted behaviour.

Are pedestrians (children and adults) not to assume any responsibility for crossing a street?

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