Brantford Police former headquarters ok for homeless

Once upon a time the former Brantford Police headquarters on Greenwich St. was “sinking.”  Hence the push in the 80s for a new headquarters; the latest incarnation is at Wayne Gretzky Parkway and Elgin St. (no reports of sinking, yet).

Isn’t it fascinating that:

  • the building on Greenwich St. has not vanished into the terraferma
  • it is now suitable and safe for use as a homeless shelter

Hmm, could it be that the clarion call for the next incarnation of police HQ has something to do with that great motivator of people-kind (with deference to Chairman Trudeau)envy?

Consider who’s getting new digs:

Brant County OPP detachment (strange how the current HQ in Paris fell into disrepair)

Brantford City Hall (can’t seem to find the architect’s provisions for an addition to the Wellington St. location)

Brantford Fire Station No.2 (also cursed with that sinking phenomenon)

Never forget the public sector’s fetish for everything new and shiny.

If the City of Brantford wants to do something for there police service, let the police do there job unfettered by the perpetually aggrieved.  And, let them get back to the basics of policing, like walking the beat!


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