Brantford’s Holistic Student Experience

To ensure that student visitors to Brantford, Ontario’s satellite campuses have a holistic experience in the city, we’d like to introduce them to the many exciting taxpayer funded athletic opportunities in Brantford:

1) Wilkes House Recreation Centre, corner of Darling & Charlotte Sts.

2) The NEW Brantford Family YMCA, corner of Wellington & Clarence Sts.

3) The NEW $64 Million Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, North Park St. (which, by the way, is not paid for)

Brantford's Holistic Student Experience

Athletics Complex, Mohawk College, Elgin St. Campus

4) The Athletics Complex at the former Mohawk College, Elgin St. Campus,
opening date TBA

Brantford's Holistic Student Experience

The Brantford & District Civic Centre

5) The Brantford & District Civic Centre, Market St., which the city describes as “the place to get fit.”

6)  Harmony Square, Colborne St. public skating

7)  Lions Park Arena Steve Brown Sports Complex, Edge St.

8)  Brantford’s many beautiful trails, sidewalks and “fields of dreams”

Have we missed any?

So, you see student friends there is no need for you to dip into your limited cash flow to fund an unneeded Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex.

Down and give us twenty.

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