Canadian voters unite

Here are some suggestions to help Canadian voters survive election day:

1) “REAL Change” sounds a lot like “Choose Change.” The latter was the Ontario Liberal Party’s 2003 campaign slogan under Dalton McGuinty.  If voters like how Ontario has changed over the last twelve years, then real change is for you.

We won’t remind you of all those minor issues that a certain former mayor of Mississauga would call: “water under the bridge.”


2) Ignore the polls.  Mass media has an insatiable obsession with polls.  It’s alarming how often during a campaign you hear the words: “a new poll.”  Polls are at best distracting at worse misleading.  It comes down to agendas and ratings.  Getting the scoop is paramount, such as DECLARING THE WINNER (or at least coming within a hair of the actual outcome)—”oh, how sweet it is.”*

That’s why the only poll that should be allowed during a campaign is the official poll on election day. Contact your elected representatives if you agree.


3) Are you a lemming?  Are you aware of the hidden forces that drive you to vote in a certain way?  Do you know that political campaigns are designed to entice you to base your vote on emotion?

The best time to listen to a politician is when he’s on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he’s exhausted. Then he doesn’t lie.

– Theodore White

Happy voting!


*Props to Mr. Jackie Gleason

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