Do We Round Up, Round Down or Pretend the Penny Still Has Lots of Life In It?

© Royal Canadian Mint

© Royal Canadian Mint

Now that the Canadian penny is (supposedly) gone, there needs to be  a definitive rule on the rounding off of cash purchases.

The “guidelines” brought out by the Royal Canadian Mint are another example of a half-baked government plan.  (Remember Canada’s so called conversion to the metric system?)  Some retailers are always rounding down.  Others are always rounding up.  Some are following the Mint’s guidelines.  While others act like the penny has a new lease on life saying, “the penny is still legal tender.”  Oh, really?  This all leaves the consumer utterly confused.

Even though…perhaps…its really not that good for us…but then again…having said that…if no one is bothered by it…it might be okay… going forward, Canadians have a penchant for wishy-washy thinking (if you haven’t noticed).  There is an opportunity here for the Canadian government to show leadership and end this wishy-washy situation.

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