Carbon tax/cap’n trade OR environment ministries, dept.

Provincial environment ministers met yesterday in Ottawa to forge an agreement with their federal counterpart on a price for carbon.  That was until the “floor price” of $10 a tonne on carbon was proclaimed from on high.  Premier Brad Wall summed up the exasperation of most in the room when he said:  “This meeting is not worth the emissions it took for environment ministers to get there, …”

The PMO’s utter lack of respect for the meeting aside, the provinces who have implemented or are in the process of implementing a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade scheme are saying, in effect, our ministry of the environment can’t regulate pollution levels in our province.  Those ministers are saying their legions of civil servants, generously financed by taxpayers, don’t have the ability to use the existing levers of government, also generously financed by taxpayers, to control pollution.

So far, Ministers Mary Polak from B.C., Ontario’s Glen Murray and David Heurtel from Quebec choose to think this way along with federal environment minister Catherine McKenna.  Since they can’t do their jobs they should resign.

The dismissal of staff at the B.C., Ontario and Quebec environment ministries and Environment Canada should happen concurrently.   Taxpayers should expect refund cheques immediately for the unspent portion of environment budgets.

Then who will administer a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade scheme?  You ask.   Since neither have little to do with pollution control and everything to do with cash flow for government, the scheme can be administered by the province’s ministry of finance.

So, Ministers what will it be legit, clear, straightforward pollution controls or you sailing off into the sunset on your Carbon Kevlar boat (oh, sorry, we forgot you think carbon is the bogeyman).  You’ll have to settle for a wooden one.

Hmm, when will a proposed tax or a cap-and-trade scheme be promulgated for the other five essential building blocks of life:  sulfur, phosphorous, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen (you remember biology class when you dissected frogs and learned carbon is the backbone block)?  Oh, forgive us, first a doom and gloom scenario will have to be concocted to turn each of these into a bogeyman.

Ka-ching!  Hold on to your wallets.

‘The level of disrespect shown by the Prime Minister and his government today is stunning’: Brad Wall


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