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Private property owner’s role in city building

To increase the turnover of vacant private property, the owner could suggest possible buyers to the broker of record.  The emphasis should be on buyers who would provide an appropriate use of the property that is consistent with the intelligent … Continue reading

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Greed is Alive and Well!

What do you think about a consumer goods manufacturer that reduces the size of their products, but charges the same price or a higher price?  As a result of this trend a new buzzword has been coined—no doubt by an … Continue reading

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Do We Round Up, Round Down or Pretend the Penny Still Has Lots of Life In It?

Now that the Canadian penny is (supposedly) gone, there needs to be  a definitive rule on the rounding off of cash purchases. The “guidelines” brought out by the Royal Canadian Mint are another example of a half-baked government plan.  (Remember Canada’s … Continue reading

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