Cookie Jar Needs a Lock

“A senior industry executive told The Globe and Mail in Detroit Tuesday that Canadian governments need to work harder than they have in recent years to retain existing auto factories, let alone land new assembly plants.”*

Governments must, collectively, stop the high-stakes games of one-upmanship with the flavour of the month industry.  This month it’s the auto sector with the proposal to revamp Chrysler‘s minivan assembly plant in Windsor, Ontario.  Last month information technology giant Cisco Systems was wooed to open research and development facilities in Ottawa and Toronto.  The cessation of taxpayer funded corporate welfare will mean a level playing field for all industries.

Industries must “work harder” at doing what they’re suppose to be doing.  That is, ethically providing a product and/or service to their customers at a profit.  Imagine, MBAs doing what they’re trained to do as opposed to filling out grant applications.  This new found “hard work” will mean they won’t need to raid a government’s cookie jar.



We can eliminate the cookie jar by reducing taxes.


*Greg Keenan, “Pressure builds for Chrysler Subsidy,” The Globe and Mail,  January 14, 2014


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