City Budget Games: councillors’ musings, part 3

With all the hand-wringing going on at Brantford City Hall over the 2015 budget, what could be on the minds of councillors?

“Ok my fellow councillors start praying to St. Amant for ZERO-BASED budgeting skills.”

$227,240 in sports grants (?) my daughter would say—SERIOUSLY?”

“Is the Gretzky centre PAID FOR? Does Brantford have no LIMIT on the SPORTS spending we include in the budget?”

“We’re too DEPENDENT on proceeds of the Casino.”

“Is this a SHELL GAME?  Right on Sless and Martin.”

“How can you say a hiring freeze saves no money?  I have a copy of the Feb., 9, 2011 Expositor.  The headline:  ‘CITY HIRING PUSHES UP EXPENSES.'”

“Ms. Carrie Vandenberg, a grade 10 Paris student says:  ‘EIGHT men leaning on shovels to fix a pothole. Do you think they could do it with FOUR?’  A grade 10 student gets it—why don’t we.”

“The 2015 budget was delayed because of the fall election.  It makes sense that NO new capital or operational monies be spent until the budget is approved.”

“Utley’s right again, every dept. must ‘adopt the philosophy of continuous improvement or LEAN approach.’ He makes the most sense around this table: ‘We can’t keep going on the way we have been and we do HAVE TO CHANGE the way we do things.'”


So councillors if you are interested in not “going on the way you have been,” THINKING differently will be the next challenge.  As a buddhist monk once said, “if we are all thinking alike no one is thinking.”

P.S.  A group meditation may help.


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