“Climate change” $henanigans

Mr. Lorrie Goldstein, Canada’s dean of all-things-climate sets us straight on the recent Obama/Trudeau Ottawa love-in.

The takeaway from the article below is:  taxpayers should be wary about Prime Minister Trudeau following President Obama’s penchant for outlandish promises on the climate file.

” … in 2008, he (Mr. Obama) actually claimed his administration would mark, ‘the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.'”

After eight years of the Obama administration, the US does not have the promised cap-and-trade scheme or the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan.”



Mr. Obama’s inability to create a cap-and-trade scheme for the US (a relief for climate skeptics) means Canada should put its scheme on hold indefinitely.  Going ahead when its largest trading partner isn’t could spell trade woes.

Unfortunately, Premiers Notley and Wynn didn’t get the memo.

To cover businesses’ cost of the cap-and-trade scheme (and keep them from fleeing to a non-cap-and-trade jurisdiction), Mr. Goldstein explains how Premiers Notley and Wynne will give away Billions in taxpayer funded subsidies.

The kicker is:

“Aside from raising the cost of living for Canadians, these subsidies will directly undermine the purpose of carbon pricing, which is to give big business an economic reason for reducing their emissions.”



Governments need to remember why they have generously taxpayer funded environmental agencies, departments and/or ministries.  These exist to protect the environmemt, e.g., reduce pollution, through rational regulatory laws.  As the European experience shows, purveyors of convoluted, costly and corruptible schemeswith inadequate resultsare not welcome at the taxpayer’s doorstep.


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