Climate change hoaxers & …

You’ll find in the links below much wisdom from Ontarians who understand where the priorities are not.


Winds of change

“… thanks to Mr. Peter Epp for his column, wherein he shows what a farce the Ontario government’s policy is regarding wind farms.”

“Dutton-Dunwich even held a referendum on wind farms, in which 84% of its residents expressed opposition. But that wasn’t enough to influence bureaucrats.”


Taxation tyranny

“Struggling taxpayers have no interest in paying for climate change hoaxers, higher energy costs, the CBC, free crappy liberal-run universities, or the high salaries of useless government bureaucrats.  We are fed up.”


We’ve done enough

Ratepayers have paid (and are paying), in spades, for controls on air pollution through increased electricity rates caused by closing coal-fired electricity plants.  There is no need for a cap-and-trade scheme.


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