Climate truth

The late Dr. Reid Bryson, father of modern climatology said,

  • “the mean surface temperature of the earth during the Cretaceous period was FOUR DEGREES HIGHER THAN IT IS NOW.
  • He confirmed that even TODAY (that’s TODAY), the ice in Greenland covers old VIKING farms.

Regarding the hysterical claims that the glaciers in the alps are retreating he said, it has all happened before.  (Did you catch that?)

  • “The glaciers in the alps have RETREATED BEFORE.
  • What did they find when the ice sheets in the alps receded?
  • A silver mine.
  • The workers had stacked up their tools ready for their return in the spring to mine more silver, but they never returned because the snow and ice came and didn’t leave.
  • There use to be LESS ice than today!
  • It’s just now getting back to normal.”

Isn’t the truth refreshing?  Want more?  Read Dr. Michael Savage’s:


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