Colleges and Universities: Make Efficient Use of Campuses

The Drummond report on how to reform Ontario’s public service over and over cites the problem of duplication.  It calls on Ontario colleges and universities to stop duplicating programs.  Consistent with this thinking is the need for colleges and universities to use existing campuses more efficiently.  To get over their addiction of building new buildings.
Taxpayers’ dollars have been invested in the Mohawk College Elgin Street Campus in Brantford, Ontario for decades.  Is it right, particularly in difficult economic times, to spend new taxpayers’ dollars to expand the education sector in downtown Brantford when the Elgin Street Campus of Mohawk College is underused?
Moreover, the past practice of students congregating at large campuses is not the future.  With the rise of e-learning, the future is small campuses.
As the Drummond report urges, will colleges and universities become responsible institutional citizens?


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