Could We Please Keep the Noise Down on Sundays?

Chain saws

Circular saws

Dogs barking

Electric or pneumatic tools

Gas or air compressors

Lawn mowers

Leaf blowers

People yelling and screaming

Power tools

Power washers

Powered garden tools

Swimming pool and spa pumps

What noise have you not heard disturbing the peace of a Sunday?

Some people think that just because some retail operations are open on Sundays they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  Watered down noise bylaws also attempt to make Sunday no different from any other day.

We wonder why our society experiences increases in depression, bullying, sexual harassment, road rage and a general decline in class and decency.  Perhaps if we had just a bit more consideration for others and took time to reflect our social ills would be lessened.

In jurisdictions that were founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Sunday is traditionally a day of rest.  What do you need for rest?  You need peace and quiet.

Granted, for those people who work in retail, tourism and essential services Sunday is a workday.  Even so, Sunday for many people is a day away from work.  It is a day for religious observance.  It is a day for family.  It is a day for leisure.

Is it asking too much of citizens to respect the tradition that Sunday is a special day and to act accordingly?

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