Decorum Has its Place and Never Goes Out of Style

On March 29, 2011, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan delivered the 2011 Budget for the province of Ontario.  Mr. Dwight Duncan demonstrated respect for the office of the Speaker of the Legislature by referring to him as “Mr. Speaker” throughout the presentation of the budget.

Unfortunately, some members of the Ontario legislature from all parties have started to not practice decorum.  They say “Speaker” instead of “Mr. Speaker” when addressing the Legislature.

The reason a classy and decent society uses titles is to show respect for the role of a person and the gender of that person.  Decorum has its place, particularly in:

  • the family
  • the classroom
  • institutions, e.g., government
  • business

As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests, we all need to be respected by others.  If everyone, from children to leaders in all fields, put this into practice it may help to lessen the social struggles that many of us face today.

Giving a person respect in any situation never goes out of style.  Said another way, decorum never goes out of style.

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