Does It Take a Tim Hortons to Make a College or University?

It was encouraging to see Mohawk College Brantford Campus, Brantford’s first post-secondary institution, celebrated and appreciated at a recent open house.


Visitors were able to see the amenities the campus has to offer, such as the recreation complex.


They saw how the NEW Children’s Safety Village of Brant enhances the Police Foundations Program at Mohawk College.


This event begs some questions:

  1. Why celebrate Mohawk College Brantford Campus when the plan is to close the place?
  2. Given the past comments about Mohawk College Brantford Campus, is it appropriate to hold an open house when a Tim Hortons is not near by?
  3. Is it appropriate to subject open house attendees to the close proximity of the light industry neighbours (who, by the way, have hired Mohawk College graduates)?

It’s time for rational thought and action.  Governments are drowning in red ink.  Public institutions, such as the education sector, have an opportunity to reduce that red ink by making better use of what they have.

Mohawk College Brantford Campus is underused.  Mohawk College Brantford Campus’ potential is untapped.  Before using limited taxpayer dollars to build new education facilities elsewhere decision-makers need to make the most of what this post-secondary institution has to offer.   After forty years, the taxpayer dollars invested in this place must be preserved and built upon, not wasted.

Has the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities met with Ontario colleges and universities to discuss the rational and responsible use of their limited allotment of taxpayers’ dollars?

Do you care how your tax dollars are spent by the education sector?  If so, write to your MPP and to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Oh, excuse us, there is a “Tim Hortons” located within the Children’s Safety Village for those who are desparate…

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