Does your city want farmland for new development?

If so, ask how well is your city managed at its current size?  When we apply this question to, for example, Brantford, Ontario (which is in the throes of pining for more land) we find that the city is behind in looking after the following basic infrastructure/assets:

  • Bridges, retaining walls, culverts
  • Lead pipe free drinking water system
  • Roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Solidwaste and landfill systems
  • Stormwater  system
  • Transit
  • Wastewater  system
  • Water distribution and facilities

It costs money for a city to get more land.  How well does your city manage its finances?  How much debt does it have?  Brantford has a long-term debt of $38 Million.

Based on these answers, Brantford can neither manage, nor afford more land.  The proposed Brantford Brant boundary adjustment is a non-starter.

When your city can’t handle more land, take sales pitches to the contrary with a grain of salt.


If a city obviously can’t handle more land, is its insatiable desire for more all about satisfying its ego?


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