Every City Employee Provides Customer Service

Within a city government, from the mayor to the custodian, customer service is everyone’s business.  It is that simple.  For a city to deliver excellent customer service it does not have to hire a consulting firm or add a customer service coordinator to the organizational chart.

Whether you meet someone in the lobby looking for directions; you get a call or e-mail from a citizen with a question; you meet someone at a party who wants information on a city project, municipal employees need to know how to respond in these situations.  If you can help the citizen in that moment, fine.  If you can’t, find someone who can in that moment.

The key is meaningful action must take place at the point of contact. This kind of undivided attention is the essence of customer service.

If the municipality receives a high volume of customer service inquiries, then it needs to assign a customer service point person in each department to field inquiries.  The receptionist should work closely with each customer service point person to ensure seamless communication via telephone, Web, mail or in-person inquiries.

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