Explaining Trump victory to children: sanctimonious drivel

Yes, it appears some of our poor parents and teachers are still in a kerfuffle over how to talk to children about Mr. Trump’s US presidential victory.  Have these same parents and teachers let out a hue and cry over the gratuitously violent, immoral content in television programs, movies, video games and music produced today?

If they have, the newstainment media wouldn’t be tripping over itself to tell us because, as the monicker attests, they love to wrap themselves in what’s new and alluring in these worlds.  This is no surprise, given where the tentacles of the corporate structures of these industries reach, as explained in the links below.


http://www.craigbhulet.com/ (scroll down to about the 4-5 frames:  corporate concentration)

Finally, note the selective morality of the political class and its enablers.  While Secretary Clinton basked in the star power of Jay Z and Beyoncé did anyone in the newstainment media advise parents and teachers of the lyrics of some of their songs?  Did any parents and teachers ask Secretary Clinton how they should explain the lyrics to their children?


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