Gov’t funding: door #1, door #2 or door #3?

The lines of responsibility between the federal government, the provincial and territorial governments, First Nations and municipal governments are rather fuzzy these days.  The Canadian government should not duplicate the responsibilities of a province, a territory, a First Nation or a municipality, and vice versa.

1)  $424K federal grant from the Enabling Accessibility Fund to improve accessibility at local Brantford, Ontario facilities.  A worthwhile role for government, but in Ontario its the responsibility of the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

2)  $791K federal grant (matched by the province and Six Nations) to upgrade the Six Nations water treatment system.

According to Environment Canada:  “the federal government has responsibilities for managing water in its own ‘federal house,’ which includes First Nation reserves.”  Therefore, Ontario taxpayers’ dollars should not be part of this project.  Moreover, if Six Nations land claims were resolved, Six Nations may be able to fund this type of project independently.

3)  $4.43M federal grant (matched by the province) for affordable housing on Grand River Ave., Brantford by Lanewood Development Corp.  Affordable housing comes under the umbrella of The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

4)  $333,333 (interesting number) federal grant from Canada “150” Community Infrastructure Program (isn’t one federal infrastructure program enough?) for renovations to the Brantford Public Library and Grand River Conservation Authority’s Apps’ Mill.

The Brantford Public Library (the paint from the last renovation is still drying) is a city operated facility.  The province is responsible for the Grand River Conservation Authority. ( Again, here is a case of wants taking priority over many needs.)

So, when you play Let’s Make a Deal with government you win what’s behind door #1 and usually door #2 and more then likely door #3.



All these taxpayer dollars flying around wouldn’t have anything to do with the fall election, would it?  It appears the federal government has too much cash on its hands.


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