Has the cost of electricity in Ontario jolted you to your senses?

Did you know that as of 1 May you’re paying more for electricity in Ontario?

The Toronto Sun reported that “the current on-peak charge of 18 cents per kWh is a 418% increase of the price when the Liberals first took office in 2003.”

What’s going on?  Ms. Antonella Artuso gives us some of the goods.

The Liberal government says its due to the cost of providing “clean,” reliable power.

The culprit, say the NDP, is the paying of “profit now for electricity in the range of $750 million to $1 billion a year that we didn’t use to pay before the privatization of hydro generation.”

The Tories blame the exorbitant cost of the Green Energy Act.  As a result, “OPG is spilling millions of dollars of water a day not turning the turbines because we’re taking wind (power) into the system. We shouldn’t be taking this wind unless we’ve exhausted our supply of free water passing by our turbines.”

For more detail, see her excellent article here:


Lest we forget the auditor-general, Bonnie Lysyk’s report of last December.  One of the most shocking revelations:  Ontarians paid $37 Billion over the market price for electricity from 2006 thru 2014.  This while energy production was wasted; see turbines example above.

The kicker is cutting back on electricity use does not give you the weary ratepayer much relief.  Mr. Sean O’Shea reports in the link below how a couple did everything the government wants us to do–retrofit your home with all the latest gizmos to reduce your energy bill.  They’re still waiting for the savings tsunami.


So, conserving energy doesn’t appear to be the answer.  How about using no electricity?  Surely, that would wipe out your bill. Well …


Postmedia’s Ms. Robyn Urback put it best when she reported on Ms. Lysyk’s discoveries:  “To give it a meticulous read, one might think it could be the Liberal’s early swan song, but then you take a step back and realize all of those screw-ups — the crippling waste, the apathy to expert advice, the dangerous lack of oversight — are all cramming in to get through the door at the same time. As a result, nothing gets through.”

Since the Ontario electorate thought and probably still thinks that everything will eventually get sunny (provided they can purchase pot at the LCBO), prepare for ever increasing jolts.


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