Industrial property to retail: don’t overdo

Costco may be coming to Brantford, Ontario if the deal to purchase a former industrial property goes through. Unfortunately, comments from city hall about this proposal as reported in the link below leave us scratching our heads.


“It’s a sign that outside businesses are champing at the bit to get in here.”

If so, why are there many industrial and commercial properties for sale or lease?


“The property represents one of the last large commercial chunks of land left in the city’s boundaries.”

There are many “large commercial chunks of land” in Brantford, some of which we highlight in


“This wasn’t really available land. It had a single-purpose building on it, but it’s an indication of the need for land. We’re struggling to fit things in here.”

Say what? The proposal is for Costco to build on the FORMER

Morton Ave., Brantford, Ontario ©

Morton Ave., Brantford, Ontario ©

Nu-Gro Ltd. property at Morton Ave. and Craig St. The property is for sale. It is a VACANT building with adjacent land. Therefore, IT IS AVAILABLE land.

How does the “single-purpose use” by Nu-Gro make it unavailable land? How is it an “indication of the need for land”? How is it a sign that “we’re struggling to fit things in here”?

We’re struggling to understand these comments. Why did the reporter not ask for clarification? Are some people at city hall still unable to grasp the fact that Brantford has many vacant properties? Is this another attempt to raise the none-issue of Brantford’s need for more land?


“I hope people start to recognize that when you see all this commercial development over the last two or three years, we’ve become a regional shopping area.”

Brantford has always been a “regional shopping area” for neighbouring towns and villages.


Recent commercial franchises that have moved to the city include HomeSense, Princess Auto, Michaels arts and craft store, PetSmart and Toys “R” Us.

The last thing Brantford needs is to turn the former Nu-Gro (industrial/non-retail commercial property) into another retail property as is happening on the former Massey Ferguson property.

Yes, retail is one piece of the commercial pie of a city. But, what Brantford needs are industrial and non-retail commercial entities to move into appropriate vacancies and make something or provide a service.


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