Laurier Brantford-YMCA Athletics Complex: logic anyone?

Do your candidates who are running for office in the Oct. 27 municipal election share your ability to learn from the past?

Taxpayers Cannot Afford Brantford's Laurier-YTake the issue of the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford, Ontario.  This fabulous facility  opened its doors a year ago.  Unfortunately, it was 73% over budget and is not paid for.  Many candidates bring this project up when they talk about the need to improve how taxpayers’ dollars are spent.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anyone connect the dots to the inappropriate Laurier Brantford-YMCA proposal on what is called a “complicated” site.

Is it logical for a city to build new athletics complex #2 when the paint is still drying on new athletics complex #1, which was 73% over budget and is not paid for?  At the very least suggest a site for athletics complex #2 that isn’t “complicated,” i.e., costly.

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