Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics Complex: 37 Questions Make the Proposal Questionable

1) In a July 13, 2011 Brantford Expositor poll, 57% of respondents voted NO to a new Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex.  Why is this result ignored?

2) The Government of Canada has a $26 billion deficit and a $600 billion debt. Is $17 million for the non-essential Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex a responsible use of taxpayers’ dollars?

3) The Laurier-Y proposal lacks detail.  What was the total cost to taxpayers to expropriate and demolish 41 private properties in Brantford?

4) The Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre is Brantford’s NEW taxpayer funded recreation complex. Can taxpayers’ afford another NEW recreation complex?

5) Was Diane Finley, MP aware that Brantford already has a NEW YMCA before she announced funding for the proposed Laurier-Y?

6) Does an unneeded recreation complex take priority over essential and overdue infrastructure upgrades?

7) As the Drummond Report infers, how can Ontario universities and colleges better manage their allotment of taxpayers’ dollars?

8) The Government of Ontario has a $15 billion deficit and a $240 billion debt.  Is $17 million for the non-essential Laurier-Y a responsible use of taxpayers’ dollars?

9) Builders have said that Brantford’s south side of Colborne Street is a precarious site.  Is this the most cost effective site to build on?

10) Is the NEW Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, i.e., recreation complex on budget?

11) At readers’ comments on Laurier-Y related articles have disappeared. Why?

12) Given the difficult economy, is Brantford making the most of its current NEW YMCA and the other taxpayer funded recreation centre in the core—the Brantford and District Civic Centre?

13) Is relying on one sector to revitalize a city or a downtown a good long-term solution?

14) Why are taxpayer dollars being spent to expand the education sector in downtown Brantford when the Mohawk College Elgin campus is underused?

15) The City of Brantford has a $1 million deficit (which is against the law) and a $40 million debt. Is $6 million for the non-essential Laurier-Y a responsible use of taxpayers’ dollars?

16) Many buildings in downtown Brantford are not used to capacity. Does it make sense to build a new building?

17) Is the NEW Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre paid for?

18) What was the cost to taxpayers of the game of “musical buildings” that moved Brantford’s YMCA from Darling St. to its NEW location on Wellington St?

19) Do cities worth visiting have downtowns with both private and public attractions?

20) If the Government of Ontario budgets did not contain inappropriate spending, e.g., unneeded Laurier-Y, would budgets pass more efficiently?

21) Do the downtowns of great cities cater to only one segment of their population?

22) The redo of the NEW Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, i.e., recreation complex resulted in 11,000 sq. feet of unused space.  Why not reserve this space for post-secondary students?

23) Can taxpayers afford another NEW YMCA?

24) Would Brantford gamble if it depended on casino revenue to payback a mortgage to cover its share of the Laurier-Y proposal?

25) How will the taxpayers’ dollars invested in Mohawk College Brantford Campus for forty years be preserved instead of wasted?

26) For Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk Counties, which is an essential service, the Brantford Jail or the proposed Laurier-Y?

27) Do the downtowns of great cities focus on one sector?

28) The want of a pool is the issue at Brantford’s NEW YMCA.  When it is affordable, why can’t a pool be added to that location?

29) Is it right to overuse taxpayers’ dollars to revitalize downtown Brantford?

30) The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) says limited new post-secondary funding should go to staffing needs. Are new college and university buildings consistent with this priority?

31) Were the citizens of Brantford asked if they want the education sector to takeover downtown Brantford?

32) Are universities and colleges in the education business or in the construction business?

33) Is it time for other sectors to invest in downtown Brantford?

34) With the growth of e-learning, small campuses are the future.  Does the current size of Brantford’s downtown education sector reflect this new reality?

35) Does it make sense to build new public buildings when publicly owned derelict, unused and misused properties exist throughout the city?

36) When will private sector investment in downtown Brantford become a priority?

37) In a May 18, 2012 Brantford Expositor poll, 65% voted NO to federal government dollars for the proposed Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex. Why are these results ignored?

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