Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics Complex: Oct. 27 ballot question

Brantford City Council recently showed its ability to vote unanimously when it decided to:

1)  sell a section of the former tax revenue generating properties on the south side of Colborne St. for $2 to Wilfrid Laurier University and the YMCA for the proposed Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex

2)  earmarked $5,200,000.00 grant for the construction of the proposed complex

While an united front is good on some issues, this proposal requires more critical thinking because of the city’s history.

Mr. Gerry Van Dongen of the Taxpayers’ Coalition of Brant explains here why these are unacceptable decisions.

It has been said that the proposed Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics-Recreation Complex would be a watershed moment for the City of Brantford.

Wasn’t the Icomm Centre suppose to be a watershed moment?

Wasn’t the Tourism Centre suppose to be a watershed moment?

Given council’s track record at creating watershed moments, Mr. Van Dongen’s suggestion that the Laurier-Y proposal be left to the citizens of Brantford via a referendum makes sense.  Such a major decision is beyond the day to day administration of the city and should be left to the electorate.  Even though we have written many posts on the litany of reasons why this is a flawed proposal, we agree that citizens should have the final say at the next municipal election.  Moreover, with the election less than four months away, it’s too late in council’s mandate to make such a decision.

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1 Response to Laurier Brantford/YMCA Athletics Complex: Oct. 27 ballot question

  1. Leis Marie says:

    Watershed moments… has become “legacy”.

    There should be a Referendum, actually there should have been at least Consultation, if not a Referendum with everyone in our city (beyond our city alone, because we wanted Federal Funding to destroy Historical, Architectural, Cultural Significant assets) before we destroyed 41 Buildings on South Side Colborne in order to spearhead this politically charged/municipal act breaking driven “legacy”. We may never know the true cost to Taxpayers by turning away the $1,380,000.00 we would’ve been granted had Environmental Assessments been completed, but we were too proud for that, and now we have this… Citizens of Brantford and Six Nations should be consulted, we had “Design Charettes” for years about Downtown, specifically about S.S. Colborne, and clearly the people who live here are not being listened to. Now is the time for a sober second thought.

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