Leftist hysterics

Why no hysterics in the visitors’ gallery and the halls of Queen’s Park prior to June 7, 2018 about the autism issue?

Little was done by the Ontario Liberal government to address the ballooning autism wait list.

Now, when the eight-month-old PC government, dually elected to clean up Ontario’s fiscal mess, makes a change to deal with this disgraceful wait list the hysterics abound.  Apparently, Ontario’s leftist cadre has hijacked this issue, enabled by the suddenly oh-so-concerned dramatists in the newstainment media, to whip up a frenzy (no doubt what Mr. Hillier’s comments were directed at).

For those not part of the leftist cadre:

Is an autistic child entitled to anything from a government, i.e., a taxpayer?

Is the change perfect?

Is it a start?

Let’s all breathe and recognize how fortunate we are to live in a jurisdiction where government, i.e., taxpayers, support some our most vulnerable citizens—people with a developmental disability.  Then, recognize the need for rational requests and patience while the new Ontario PC government tries to make things better.

Mr. Brian Lilley (a parent of two children on the autism spectrum) puts it well:  “How anyone can defend a system that put all the funding into the hands of a small group of families and made the rest wait, that favoured some treatments over others and forced parents to take treatments they didn’t like or forego funding is beyond me.”

LILLEY: Former Liberal autism-funding program untenable


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