Let’s Remember the Purpose of a City or Municipal Government

A city or municipality can often loose sight of what exactly their purpose is.

Through the responsible management of taxpayers’ dollars, the purpose of a city or municipal government is to provide:

– organizational direction

– determination of land use through zoning

– infrastructure that supports the functioning of the city:  roads, water supply, sewers, electrical grid, public transit

– emergency services

– social services

A city or municipality is not in the land development business, unless the land is for infrastructure, social or emergency services.

In Brantford, Ontario on April 16, 2011 an article appeared in The Expositor entitled, “City Grant Sought for Building Renovation.”  Vicano Construction Ltd. has applied to the City of Brantford for a grant toward the renovation of the property at the corner of Dalhousie and Queen streets (the former Expositor building) into a university residence and commercial building.

The City of Brantford should not award the grant to Vicano Construction Ltd. because developing a university residence or commercial building is not the responsibility of a city government.

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