Mississauga Power Plant Cancellation: Are All Ontarians Responsible?

Are Ontario taxpayers collectively responsible for canceling the Mississauga Power Plant and the Oakville Power Plant?

Should Ontario taxpayers collectively pay for the costs of canceling the Mississauga Power Plant and the Oakville Power Plant?

In response to a call for the Ontario Liberal Party to pay the cancellation costs of the Mississauga Power Plant, Premier Dalton McGuinty was quoted by MississauagaNews.com as saying:

“Obviously, I can’t accept that. I mean, this is how our democracy works.  Political parties, in the context of the campaign, present commitments … voters understand that when a political party makes a commitment in the context of a campaign, if there’s a cost associated with that … they didn’t expect the Ontario Liberal Party to invest in that.”

Unfortunately, voters don’t understand this logic.  Election time or not, what voters do understand and ask of their public servants are commitments that make sense and are affordable.

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