Municipal election primer: do you need a new hospital?

Is the drywall still curing on your current hospital’s last addition?

Has a provincial government investigation found your hospital to have an “unacceptable failure in both governance and executive leadership?”1

Did that investigation find the hospital failed to balance its budget in consecutive years?

Has the president and CEO of your local healthcare system been fired and the board of directors dissolved?

Has a hospital or facility within your local healthcare system become a shell of its former status; e.g., a closed emergency department, a closed surgical department, a closed walk-in clinic?

Is it difficult to find on the internet past media coverage of and letters-to-the-editor on your local healthcare system, especially if has a checkered past?

If yes, then your municipality needs to make better use of what it has instead of giving credence to the usual few suspects who love to spend other people’s money.




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