New Year’s Baby Fanfare: Anyone check with a vet?

Marriage is passé, uncool.

See the social engineers drool.

Having children within a marriage is passé, uncool.

See the social engineers drool.

So Newstainment Media, come midnight next New Year’s Eve ask hospitals AND vets to see what New Year’s Baby assumes the rule.

See the social engineers drool.

They proclaim it makes no difference cause we’re all part of the animal pool.

Yikes!  How can this be?  Think about it for a nanosecond of the time you spend on the hockey pool.

Holy fabric of society Batman; maybe it’s time to stop being a fool.

Before that fabric completely unravels, maybe it’s time to make marriage cool.

Maybe it’s time to make having children within a marriage cool.

See why social engineers’ thinking is minuscule?


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