Newstainment media’s dysfunction

The Emmy Awards, the Canadian Screen Awards, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards, and the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards should create a new category:  Best News Drama Performance.

Let’s not forget The National Newspaper Awards and The National Press Foundation.  Best News Drama Reporting has a nice ring to it.

Why?  Because the wild speculation that the newstainment media engage in over President Trump’s every move deserves recognition.

Here are some of the words that are missing from their scripts:

“When Trump fired Comey, the press refused to cover Deputy Atty. Gen Rod Rosenstein’s three-page letter explaining in great detail why Comey was terminated. Washington’s press barely covered Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster’s press conference stating emphatically that Trump released no classified information to the Russians. No press coverage about the fact that no one in the press has seen Comey’s notes or why now, months after the Feb. 14 meeting (in the Oval Office), this leaks to the press.  Anti-Trump members of Congress are more than willing to jump all over wild speculation to indict Trump.”

“Washington’s Press has broken every journalistic principle covering Trump, taking rumors, innuendo and gossip to new heights. Without charged with a crime, the media chooses only to report on wild conjecture about the Comey firing, classified breaches and obstruction charges.”

“No one has seen any evidence that Trump fired Comey illegally, divulged classified information or obstructed justice. Yet the press has charged, tried and convicted Trump without any due process, watching the Washington press act like an angry mob.”

Are we still confused about where the dysfunction lies?

If so, read more of Mr. John M. Curtis’ refreshing words in the link below.



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