One-way to two-way: Brantford citizens say no way

There has been much ruminating about changing the one-way Colborne and Dalhousie Sts. in Brantford, Ontario to two-way.  In letters to a local newspaper, citizens say the ruminating should be applied to actual priorities.


“Complete BSAR first”  Brantford Southern Access Route would serve as a more direct way for people from west Brantford to access the Wayne Gretzky Parkway and Hwy. 403.  It would alleviate congestion on inner-city streets.

It’s fascinating that this letter and “Explanation needed” (about the plethora of athletic facilities in west Brantford) published in the print edition on 4 April 2016 are no where to be found in the archive at  Too truthy?


“Lessons from Galt”  Once upon a time Ainslie and Water Sts. were one-way.  They were designed as one-way streets.  The change to two-way went ahead.  “Traffic congestion got worse, not better.  A driver making a left-turn will back up traffic for blocks as there is no room for dedicated turning lanes, as there isn’t along Colborne and Dalhousie Sts.”

“Two-way street conversion a waste of money”  These streets have been one-way for over 50 years.  Why change now?


“Driving the point”  Trucks making deliveries on a two-lane, one-way street, such as Colborne, block one lane.  Traffic diverts onto the open lane thereby minimizing the blockage.

“Two-way downtown streets more bad planning”  There is better traffic efficiency with two-way streets.  This is especially important given the flow of traffic to and from west Brantford.


“Two-way traffic downtown promises problems”  Changing Colborne and Dalhousie Sts. to two-way streets will create an unsafe environment for pedestrians and drivers.


“Elected representatives not cutting it”  $90,000 budgeted to convert Colborne and Dalhousie to tw0-way streets should be redirected to the food bankwhere there’s a real priority.

“Quicker road repairs urged”  This is the priority, not getting rid of one-way streets.

Again, these letters published in the print edition on 28 March 2016 are no where to be found in the archive at  Are they too truthy?  Is it time for the Brantford Expositor to change its name to Brantford City Hall Expositor?


“Not again”  The plan to change one-way streets to two-way streets keep coming up again and again.  “I’m a big fan of recycling, but this is ridiculous.”

“Two-way traffic will reduce on-street parking”  That says it all.


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