Ontario’s “Government by Panels”

We thought that panels are what you install on your roof to capture solar energy.  In Ontario, it also refers to a method of governing–“government by panels.”

Here are some examples of Ontario Government panels recently struck:

  • On 17 July 2013, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour appointed a 6-person panel on how to increase minimum wage, which has been frozen at $10.25.
  • On 17 Sept. 2013, Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General announced an 11-person panel to find ways to increase native representation on juries.
  • On 18 Sept. 2013, the Ontario government appointed a 13-person panel to delve into how to pay for more transit.  Mr. Marcus Gee shows us here how this panel will duplicate what Metrolinx, Ontario’s huge transit advisory panel, oh excuse us–AGENCY, researched for five years.  (How much are they spending on those commercials?)


Have you spotted it?  Yes, Metrolinx is yet another layer of government duplication because it duplicates the duties of the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Ontario taxpayers employ ministry and MPP staff to research options for future ministry initiatives.  This includes speaking with (overused adjectives deleted to preserve readers’ sanity) workers in the field and the general public.  These options are then presented to the minister.

“Government by Panels” creates government duplication because they duplicate the work of ministry and MPP staff.  Therefore, panels are an unnecessary, and given Ontario’s debt, an unaffordable cost to taxpayers.

The notion that we must swallow a “bitter pill” to deal with Ontario’s debt is untrue.  We just have to stop such unnecessary and non-essential spending…not to mention the unaffordable subsidy for solar panels.

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