Educrats: 36 Superintendents of Education & counting

The Toronto District School Board ‘s (TDSB) Senior Team Leadership Directory lists 5 Executive Superintendents and, count’em, 36 Superintendents of Education.

Holy educrats, Batman!

The 2017 Ontario budget made scant attempt to reduce the bloated civil service.

The cost of educrats is revealed in the letter, “Budget reform needed” linked below.  “I discovered that unelected bureaucrats — principals, vice-principals, superintendents, directors — make 10 to 15 times more than our elected trustees.”


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Paved “nature” trails, a golf clubhouse & other burning priorities …

Whether it’s the Grand River Trail Project … (which is going cap in hand to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ontario government.  You may be familiar with the latter.  It takes increasingly more of your cash and spends it on non-priority stuff.)

"Nature" Trail, Brantford Ontario ©

“Nature” Trail, Brantford Ontario ©

Did you know that portions of Brantford, Ontario’s “nature” trails have been paved.  Hmm, the words nature and paved don’t seem to go together, but we digress.

OR, the absolute, burning necessity for a new clubhouse—new “Athletic Complex” No.7 (if you’re keeping track)—at Northridge Municipal Golf Course …

It was summarily given the thumbs down at a public meeting.  Ah, the wisdom of the people to the rescue.

OR, a “new” Brantford City Hall in the Federal Building …

More wisdom of the people is needed on this one before its too late.

… we continue to be dumbfounded at government’s lack of focus or, perhaps more accurately, awareness (either genuine or fanciful) of what matters in Brantford, and cities in general, NOW.

Hint:  it’s not new paved trails, another “Athletic Complex” or a “new” city hall.



Brantford Athletic Complexes Tally

1) Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
2) Laurier-YMCA
3) Kiwanis Field
4) Bisons Alumni North Park Sports Complex
5) Bike Skills Park Project
6) Southwest Sports Complex Project


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What are you doing to stop carbon tax & cap-and-trade schemes?

Need some motivation?

Listen to what Dr. Judith Curry has to say about so-called human-made climate change.  Try not to be distracted by the representative from the political class.

Ask your self:  why didn’t this make your local newstainment media’s broadcast, online or print publications?


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OH! Canada … cough … cough … poof!


Hey, dudes what’s up with like closing down my pot shop … er …
I mean m-e-d-i-c-a-l  m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a  d-i-s-p-e-n-s-a-r-y?

My potheads … er …
I mean c-l-i-e-n-t-s are like complainin’.
Where are they goin’ get their fix … er …
I mean m-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n with all the policin’?

Like dudes, the cloud of Shangri-La is growin’.
It’s not cool to disturb the cloud.
We can’t like go back to real livin’.

That Ottawa dude promised he’d do our biddin’.
(Won’t he like make lots of dough on the
cloud’s carbon emittin’?)


So, like just relax the rule
and put those billy clubs away.
Dudes, laws are so yesterday.
It’s like drivin’ at 120 clicks
every bodies doin’ it.

Come on in for some kicks.
We’re for like chillin’
not rulin’.




For people looking for nonaddictive alternative health care (YES, there ARE other choices) with minimal to no side effects, contact your local Naturopathic Doctor.


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M103: how can MPs vote on a so-called Islamophobia motion without defining it?

Mr. Lorne Gunther of the Edmonton Sun offers us possible definitions of Islamophobia:

“Does that (Islamophobia) mean an irrational fear of all Muslims based on a very real fear of several thousand radicals who truly do want to harm Western democracy? Or does it mean the much broader, politically-correct concept of Islamophobia, namely that anyone questioning whether Islam is a religion of peace is guilty of Islamophobia?”

He points out that the second definition would include people:  “who doubt the superiority of Sharia law, argue that compelling Muslim women to wear burkas or even niqabs is contrary to Western values or draw or publish cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed.”

He fears the second one will be adopted.  We concur because it fits the modus operandi of the thought police.

For the actual definition of Islamophobia we turn to Dr. Sherif Emil of Montreal.  He wrote, in a special to the Gazette (linked below), that a charge of Islamophobia is used in Muslim countries to:  “silence, marginalize and imprison the few liberal Muslim thinkers who are attempting to reform Islam from within, and the weapon to subjugate and humiliate minorities.”

Opinion: Canadians should oppose the anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103

Parliamentarians should be ashamed of voting on such a poorly worded motion (M103) rife with ignorance.  Equally shocking is the taxpayer money that will be wasted on chatting about this motion in committee for 240 days.

Dr. Emil points out that all parties supported, but the Liberals voted against, a vastly more appropriate motion that condemned:  “all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious communities.”

Ah yes, for some Canadian wishy-washiness is an endless source of make-work projects funded by taxpayers.


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