#NotMe may take over #MeToo

100 prominent French women, including Catherine Deneuve, signed an open letter to Le Monde denouncing puritanical wave of #MeToo.

“Insistent or awkward come-ons aren’t a crime,” the letter said. “This fever for sending ‘pigs’ to the abattoir, far from helping empower women, in reality serves the interests of the enemies of sexual liberation.”



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Me, me, me …

My oh my, the Me ego is going into overdrive.

Me doesn’t take a scintilla of responsibility for the circumstances Me finds itself in.

Me has never contributed to, or propped up, the system behind the circumstances Me finds itself in.

Me knows a circumstance is suspect, but enters anyway.

Me doesn’t stop and think if Me has other choices.

Me will use a person for its gain without regard for that person’s interests.

Me sees zero alternatives to the circumstances Me finds itself in.

Me comes first when it talks about a group Me is part of.

Me speaks truth to power when its opportune for Me.

Me, me, me …


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Happy Yellow Belly New Year

As we start 2018, the nanny state is alive and well with the cancellation of many outdoor New Year celebrations.  Before Canada’s half baked switch from imperial to metric, people didn’t think twice about venturing out in subzero weather—truly cold temperatures.

Over the course of the holiday cold snap did you notice people with open coats, no gloves or mits, no hat, no boots of their choosing?

Guess what?  It’s NOT cold!

Come on people, we’re Canadians, embrace the winter and dress for it.


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Why do you exclude a woman by calling her a GUY?

Here we are six weeks after International Day of the Girl and how many times has a girl or a woman been called a GUY?

How many platitudes did you hear, particularly in the newstainment media, on 11 October about how we must:

  • empower girls
  • empower women
  • empower organizations that empower girls
  • empower organizations that empower women

Then, many of these platitude providers went on to call girls and women GUYS, some in the same breath of graveling about empowerment.  The hypocrisy is stunning.  If we simply respected girls and women with proper words and actions, this incessant empowerment talk would not be necessary.  Neither would we need the International Day of the Girl.

The deer-in-the-headlights harassment allegations against Mr. Harvey Weinstein and others provide a timely background to this.  The newstainment industry finds itself having to delivery the hollow tsk-tsks knowing full well they rely on, given the reach of corporate tentacles, these entertainment/sport industry golden boys for their existence.

Mr. Michael Jascz of the Huffington Post says:

“Using ‘guys’ is part of a larger structure of exclusion that women face. In many fields of work, there is still a long ways to go in terms of equitable gender distribution (Tech, Science, Sports coverage, etc.). It’s like death by 1000 cuts. As a female software engineer described her experience in the Tech industry, “even the tiniest little things add up to something big – sometimes it’s really death by 1000 paper cuts.

‘Guys’ is one tiny cut but sliced over and over again and combined with the axe of unnatural beauty ideals, the blade of the wage gap, and the guillotine of domestic violence. It is a paper cut that eventually turns into a scar.”



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LHIN & CCAC Navigation gross waste of taxpayers’ dollars

Who do you want making decisions about your health care:  therapists, nurses, doctors or paper-shufflers?

That’s the question Ontarians should be asking.  Bill 41 isn’t even a year old and we’re seeing its effect.  Paper shufflers at Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) can have the final say when it comes to your health care.

The words of Dr. Nadia Alam should be put up on every fridge in Ontario (see link below):

“Under Bill 41, bureaucrats will set medical standards. It took me over a decade to train as a family doctor-anesthesiologist; sub-specialists rack up 15-20 years of training. Each year, doctors spend thousands of dollars on conferences and seminars to update their skills and knowledge. And all that expertise will be overruled by a random paper-shuffler behind some far-away desk — someone without medical knowledge who does not have to look a single patient in the eye.”

What makes Bill 41 even more unacceptable is the gross waste of taxpayers’ dollars.  Instead of taxpayers’ dollars going directly to hiring therpists, nurses, doctors and the purchase of equipment; the bureaucracy of the LHINs will expand to control public health, home care/Community Care Access Centres (CCAC), primary care clinics and hospices.

Dr. Alam reports:

“Insiders say that many CCAC administrators are bringing their expertise to LHIN offices.

CCAC administrators received special mention in the auditor general’s scathing report. She criticized them for extraordinary waste and mismanagement. Instead of allocating 92% of funding on the workers providing face-to-face patient care, CCAC admin spent only 60%. The rest disappeared into astronomical administrative costs — including CEO bonuses.”

If you don’t sleep well tonight, maybe its time you wrote to your MPP.



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