Pension plan ads or developmental disability specialists

Some Ontario politicians apparently have lots of time on their hands. They spend it telling Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of the federal government how to do their jobs. It must mean that all the issues the Ontario government is responsible for are 100% a-okay.

The horrific death of Mr. Guy Mitchell in an Ancaster group home for people with a developmental disability tells a different story.  He suffered hypothermia and drowned after he fell into a cistern on the property while trying to fetch drinking water. There was no running water in the home. The coroner’s inquest revealed a confounding lack of oversight of care and services for adults with developmental disabilities.  This is not the first time we have heard this.

Mr. Mitchell’s fate is even more confounding because all we’ve heard from government and its agencies over the last thirty years is:  we most get people with developmental disabilities out (and keep them out) of the dreaded (so-called) institutions in favour of “community living,” which was sold as an utopia.

If we are to ever come close to preventing another tragedy (let alone creating that utopia), how many developmental disability specialists could be hired with the taxpayers’ dollars spent on advertizing the unneeded and unaffordable Ontario Registered Pension Plan (ORPP)?


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