People of Ontario: note to self

Do you want to be well prepared for the Ontario election on 7 June 2018?  May we suggest that you make notes to yourself and put them in your property or income tax file.

Let’s start with a gem from an informed former teacher from Aurora, Ontario.

Tentative agreements have been struck between the Ontario government and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, the French teachers’ union, several support staff unions, and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association.  To this, the writer of  “Politics in Education” (last letter linked below) says:

“They (teachers) do not need more perks. They make a great salary and have a great benefit package. In retirement, they will collect the third best pension plan in the world (after the Teamsters and welders). Classroom problems, lack of programs or funding for this or that, arise out of the mismanagement and even misappropriation of taxpayers’ money by the very boards who employ them.”

Note taken.


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