Politician’s Contract

Ontario has experienced a rash of Queens’ Park politicians throwing in the towel triggering costly byelections (seven to date).  Now we’re in the throes of two more.  The writs given for 13 February 2014 in Thornhill and Niagara Falls could cost taxpayers’ upwards of $500,000 each.  These  are also problematic because a general Ontario election is expected this spring.

When a MPP resigns so close to a general election, there should be a mechanism in place to fill the void of the departed MPP in the interim.  Constituents with emergencies could be directed to a neighbouring constituency office.  An MPP without portfolio could take up the slake.

Taxpayers again see the need for a politician’s contract, which could be part of the “Facelift for Democracy.”  After all, if a candidate is genuinely interested in making a difference for the constituency and appreciates the effort supporters put into a campaign, doesn’t it make sense for a(n) (re-)elected representative to commit to serve, outside of serious illness, her/his full term?

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