Popcorn Poppin’ Propaganda

The wacky world just got wackier; here’s some unwacky reality.

Quick!  Cancel Neflix, HBO, Crave, Crackle or whatever streaming service(s) you use.  Cancel your Book of the Month subscription.

All you need is a pair of rabbit ears for your TV, a radio or access to a newspaper and the world of newstainment is yours to enjoy!  (Hey! Then you’ll have money for day care, prescriptions and the dentist.  See how that works; amazing, eh?)

Never doubt for a second that the newstainment media is a well oiled machine churning out a stream of consciousness designed to draw you in and keep you in.  To reiterate, media stories are popular:  “not because they represent true facts (or relevance), but because they appeal to many worried minds looking for an excuse.”

Their enablers:

  • advertisers
  • pollsters
  • bureaucrats
  • politicians
  • militant special interest purveyors
  • entertainers
  • communications and public relations “experts”
  • uninformed children
  • uninformed adults
  • social engineers
  • morality engineers
  • ___________
  • ___________

all play a role in what’s delivered to you and how it’s delivered, either overtly or covertly.  So, get busy and cancel the above services and curl up for some spin tinglin’, roller coaster thrillin’, tear jerkin’ dramas featuring such luminaries as the King and Queen of Climate Craziness:  Justin and Catherine.

And, more importantly, note what is omitted.  Did you notice how in the recent coverage of the precocious, but uninformed, teenage climate zealot (who’s only correct statement was that she should be back home in school) you were molded to believe that if you disagreed with her you were a big meanie (who probably drove around in a BIG, BLACK SUV).  The subliminal message was: “HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH THIS CUTE, PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL.”

No seasoned climatologist unfettered by government or industry influences, someone of the ilk of the late Prof. Reid Bryson the father of modern climatology, was heard from.  He would tell you science is never crystal clear!  He did extensive climate modeling and discovered that “you can make the model do anything you want to.”  If you want CO2 to be the bogeyman, CO2 will be the bogeyman.

As the federal election propaganda reaches a climax, beware that you may be drawn in—you then control how long you’re kept in.  As Kipling said,

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you …”
(especially over untruth or irrelevance)

you’ll survive.


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