Priorities, priorities, priorities

If you click here you can see part of the concrete sidewalk and pavers in Brantford, Ontario’s beautiful Victoria Park. Notice the condition of the sidewalk and pavers. Look pretty good don’t they. Well, they have been torn up.Priorities, priorities, priorities This is a shame when you consider there were no complaints about the condition or accessibility of the park submitted to city hall.  So, here we have an unnecessary, mainly cosmeticPriorities, priorities, priorities change to the park that will cost taxpayers dearly.  This type of spending is one of the reasons we work half the year (Tax Freedom Day fell on 9 June) to pay taxes.

At a time of burgeoning government debt (Brantford weighs in at around $40 Million+), municipalities need to do a better job of understanding what is a priority and what isn’t; what is essential spending and what isn’t.

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  1. Leis Marie says:

    I believe there may have been concern over accessibility with original pathways throughout the park? However, it seemed like everyone enjoyed being there for years, so was accessibility really an issue? Victoria Park Square Conservation District is Designated Heritage, so thankfully we can’t adhere to everything the U. wanted changed, but there’s supposed to be changes to the trees and shrubbery isn’t there?

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