Proroguing a Legislature for the Wrong Reasons Damages Democracy

The proroguing of the Ontario Legislature is yet another sign of disregard for voters.  Premier Dalton McGuinty received a mandate from the people of Ontario in the 2011 election.  The government had a responsibility to respect the wishes of the electorate and govern Ontario–not run and hide because their actions were being questioned.  Governments are not perfect. Governments make mistakes.  Therefore, the responsible course of action is for public servants to admit to and fix mistakes.  As a sage once said, “always leave a situation better than you found it.”

The denial of, the inability to take responsibility for, and the cover-up of a mistake compound the initial problem.

The bonus pay for public service managers, Ornge, Oakville and Mississauga power plants debacles, to name a few, would have been handled better if the appropriate minister had taken full responsibility without delay, offered solutions and, as a last resort, tendered his/her resignation to the Premier.

What will voters do to ensure that government respects their wishes?  Would a greater voter turn out in the next election make a difference?

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