Respect Goes Along Way

The falling crime rates in Canada need some perspective.  Sun Media recently provided this here.  The following quotes are particularly revealing.

“While most categories of violent crime were down, terrorism-related offences, violent firearms charges and sexual violations of children were up.”

“In addition, while Statistics Canada data show the rate of reported crime to police is declining, they also show fewer people are reporting crimes to police every year.”

“Surveys show fewer than one in three crimes are now reported to police — including crimes like sexual assault — in part because the victims don’t believe it will do any good.”

Victims may also feel ashamed that they found themselves in a bad circumstance.  They are reluctant to talk about it afterward.  While we all must take responsibility for our actions, we must talk to a trustworthy person when we are victimized even if we feel we made a mistake.

This all speaks to the silent social crisis that is in our midst.

Sexual harassment and assault is a lack of respect for another human being.  Respect underpins all healthy human relationships.  One way to prevent sexual harassment and assault is to respect all people we encounter.  As we’ve learned, it can be as simple as not calling a girl, or a woman a guy.

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